{ archie }tm Digital Chart Recorder

The world is changing… The age of the hard to use, archaic, clunky, no memory flow computer has died.

Meet { archie }tm !Archie digital data recorder

The age of the Digital Chart Recorder has begun. Smaller, faster, more cost effective; this device, called { archie }tm is easier to configure than a flow computer and offers a solution just as accurate as a flow computer for much less cost than even an old clunky traditional Chart Recorder.

{ archie }tm Digital Chart Recorder displays:

Current Pressure
Current Diff. Pressure
Current Temperature
Estimated Daily Flow
Current Time
Run-time Data

{ archie }tm Digital Chart Recorder features:

Four Analog Inputs
Operating Temperature -30-55 °C
32GB Storage
Supply Voltage 6.5-32V
1x1.5 inch LCD (128x64px)
AI – 4-20mA or 1-10V
Op. Temp. -30-55 °C
Configuration Software Included
Half-duplex RS485
Micro USB Connector
1000 Days Daily History
Up to 690 Days Interval History
Modbus RTU and TCP
Enron Modbus History
Ethernet On Board

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